Build your farm, sell your crops, hunt wild monsters, explore and collect resources, craft new equipment, bleed your pets, all on the blockchain!

Morning Moon Village is an online multiplayer exploration farming game which revolutionizes the traditional defi yield-farming project with game mechanics and full 3D graphics. The game features verfy fun and addictive RPG gameplay in which the players can leverage the NFTs during the farming process.

Compete to be the fishing king and win the prize on the leaderboard!

Become a NFT fisherman with the new update "Bait & Beach". Go fishing with your favourite rods and baits. Compete on leaderboard to win the Jackpot prize!

Gamified Yield-Farming with NFTs

In Morning Moon Village, we took the concept of yield-farming and turned it into an immersive gaming experience. Instead of abstractly staking liquidity provider (LP) tokens, players will be able to plant the seeds in the land and obtain the crops once they grow.

Seeds & Crops

Earn various types of seeds just by playing the game! The seeds are used for yield farming your crops without having to invest real money. Accelerate farming rate by staking crypto assets or LP tokens. There are several types of crops to farm with more to follow.


Starting with a cozy little house, players can create farming plots on the surrounding land. Each plot represents a yield-farming pool that rewards players with crops of their chosen, where players can increase their rewards allocation through NFT staking.

NFT Staking

In Morning Moon Village, players with less staked value can potentially earn more rewards than those who have staked more thanks to the clever usage of NFTs. The game will include dozens of NFTs which can be staked on multiple farms at once for a variety of effects.


There are shops in the game that you can exchange your crypto assets for your desired items. While some of them are sold at a fixed price, some others are priced by an automated market maker algorithm, which is determined by real demand & supply of those items.

Online Multiplayer Social Game

Decorate your farm, meet new friends, chat together, visit your neighbour, exchange items, go fishing, play bingo, and many more!

Morning Moon Village is an online multiplayer game that invites you to join a distinctive community of farming game enthusiasts. Not only can you savor your cherished game online from anywhere you are, but you can also actively contribute to enhancing the enjoyment of every player through an array of online features.

Hunting for limited NFTs

Across the village of Morning Moon and its surrounding is an extensive area filled with numerous resources and encounters to be explored. Players can freely roam around the town, interact with objects, talk to NPCs, explore the wilderness, cut trees, collect stones, and mine ores. You may come across rare chests or mystery boxes during your exploration which may reward you with new equipment and rare NFTs.

NFTs come with a wide range of abilities. Some might improve your energy consumption and allow you to do more throughout the day, and some might be able to produce crops for you without the need to stake any seeds or tokens. While common NFTs can be easily found by everyone, those powerful NFTs can only be obtained via specific NPC’s recipes which require resources and material NFTs to be completed. They will also be limited, meaning that only the first few players who accumulate enough resources will be awarded.

Compete to be the ruler
of each crop

By exploring the map and collecting NFTs, players will progressively build their advantage in farming crops over the others. To encourage the competition, there will be a leaderboard system where all crops awarded to players are tracked in real-time. And every lunar phase (approximately 30 days) on the full moon day, a player who farms the most amount of each crop will receive special exclusive NFT. The runner-ups will also receive some rewards.

When an NFT is staked within the farm, it will generate an increased crop yield for players, the extent of which depends on the farm's level. There are several NFTs with this capability, and many of them can be obtained through crafting. Crafting, however, necessitates the expenditure of resources that can only be obtained through active gameplay. The underlying concept is to reward players who invest the most time in playing the game.

Key Game Features

Players can customize and name their character at the start of the game. All the in-game interactions such as building a farm, planting seeds, harvesting resources, or talking to NPCs will be done through this character.


Players start their day with 100 energy points, which can be spent to interact with objects in the game, including cutting trees, mining ores, hunting animals. Players regain energy when go back to the Village.

The Village

There are several NPCs inside the village. Among them, you'll find shopkeepers offering NFTs for sale, some willing to exchange your crops, and many others who will present you with new upgrades.


Around the village’s perimeter lies a wild & fruitful land waiting to be explored. Players will find wild animals, loot, and resources that are required for exchange and crafting items.

Crafting Items

There are more than a hundred types of NFT which can be used as equipment or consumable items. Some can be obtained directly through exploring the wilderness and some can be crafted by talking to NPC and bringing required materials to them.


While wandering around the village, players will eventually find fishing baits. The baits can be spent at any natural water source to play a fishing mini-game, which will yield a random NFT reward from a selected pool if they succeed.


On seasonal occasions, the villagers will come together to hold the special event where many crops and NFTs are sold at discount. A few activities and exclusive NFTs will also be available to obtain only during this promotion period.

Bingo Party

When players feel like spending some extra LUMI on fortune, they can test their luck with the bingo minigame, where tickets can be bought from an NPC. The bingo result is announced twice a month, the winners will be awarded LUMI.

The new way of Yield Farming

Play on your web browser. No gas fee, and no crypto token required to get started.


By using LUMI as the main currency, players can exchange seeds, crops, NFTs, and other in-game assets via multiple channels. There are NPCs in the village who sell NFTs, fishing baits, bingo tickets and those who buy crops from players. Furthermore, players can list their NFTs or other items on the game marketplace for a price of their choosing or buy some things from others if it catches their eyes. Exchanges or transactions involving LUMI are mechanisms that drive the game’s ecosystem explained in detail in the Tokenomics section below.

LUMI Token

Play to Earn

LUMI is the native utility token of the game which the players can gain through several methods, such as selling crops to NPC, picking up loot in the wild zone, etc.

Buy In-Game Assets

LUMI can be used to buy many things such as NFTs, gift boxes, or fishing baits. It is also used as the medium currency on the game marketplace.

Staking Rewards & Governance

Every LUMI token holder will benefit from the growth of Morning Moon Village. Half of the fee and tax collected in the game will be split to all LUMI token holders who stake LUMI. Another half will go to the Governance pool, which will be handled by the community’s governance process.


LUMI tokens and all of the NFTs in the game are interchangeable in Bitkub Chain (BKC).
The total supply of LUMI is 200,000,000 of which 100,000,000 LUMI will be supplied as farming rewards.

*Tokens in the Governance Pool will be reserved and the use of budget will be decided later through the governance process.
Decentralized Governance

You are a member of the community and Morning Moon Village is yours. Everyone who owns LUMI tokens will be able to participate in the governance process by voting for new game contents, token buy-back schemes, adjusting game features, and deciding on the use of half of the revenue from the game marketplace fee and in-game asset sales.

Token Distribution

Total Supply: 200,000,000 LUMI

Morning Moon Village is a Flagship project, invested by Bitkub Ventures, No.1 Thailand’s Cryptocurrency Exchange.


Extend Interactive Co., Ltd.

also known as x10

Attracted by the blockchain & defi technology, x10 is well-known as a top-quality independent game development house in Thailand. With millions of players on Steam, Xbox, and mobile, they have many successful titles including award-winning games such as A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, Jigsaw Mansion, So Many Me, and Pandora Hunter.


Nenin Ananbanchachai

CEO of x10 & President of TGA

With 15+ years of experience, Nenin has produced a number of successful games, initiated and installed a variety of VR/AR/MR and smart workplace solutions. He has also been active in the community as the President of a Thai Game Software Industry Association (TGA), a committee and advisor for many projects.


What is Morning Moon Village?

Morning Moon Village is an RPG Defi yield-farming game with 3D graphics and NFT reward-based gameplay. Players explore the fruitful land of Morning Moon, discover dozens of resources and NFT, and leverage them in the farming process.

What is the gameplay?

You are a villager of Morning Moon. You love to do farming, exploring, and helping people. Your goal is to hunt for NFTs, use them to boost up your farm, and become the top player on the leaderboard.

Do I need to download the game?

No. Morning Moon Village will be playable directly via major web browsers. No download and installation are required.

How do I get LUMI and NFTs from the game?

There are many ways you can earn LUMI and NFTs from the game: by farming, fishing, opening chests, staking tokens, trading crops, etc.

What is different about Morning Moon Village?

Morning Moon Village is an entirely free-to-play online gamefi with a primary emphasis on enjoyable gameplay mechanics. The game can be accessed via a web browser, and players won't encounter any gas fees when they begin their gaming journey.

What can I do with the LUMI token?

LUMI is the native utility token and main currency in the game. It can be used to buy many things such as NFT, crop, resource, bingo ticket, and fishing bait. You can also stake LUMI to earn more LUMI and participate in the governance process.

Will I need to have cryptocurrency to play the game, and pay the gas fee?

No. If you play the game with the Bitkub Next wallet, you will receive a free gas fee quota that allows you to play the game without the need of cryptocurrency.

Will I need to have cryptocurrency to do yield farming and earn NFTs?

No. By playing the game, you will earn various types of seeds and NFTs that can be used for yield farming your crops.

Where can I sell Morning Moon Village NFTs?

NFTs in Morning Moon Village are crypto assets. You can sell them at an official game marketplace or any NFT marketplace on the internet.

Is LUMI exchangeable on DEX and CEX?

Yes. LUMI is exchangeable via many channels, including in-game shop, DEX and Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchange.